Operating System Integration

Oath Systems has expertise in implementing industry-leading Operating System platforms. We specialize in analyzing, designing, integrating, and executing an infrastructure that has high reliance, integrity, and stability to deliver a competitive advantage to your business.

Oath Systems brings dependable experience, especially for Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms for seamless integration.

A computer’s operating system (OS) is a piece of software that controls all of the operations. An OS is present on all computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. It ensures that the software and apps operate independently of one another and coordinates the actions required to make the device function.

  • Software called an operating system (OS) controls the operations on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Some of the more well-known operating systems on the market include Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Android.
  • While Chrome OS and Mac OS are more suited to regular users, Linux and Ubuntu are more geared toward tech-savvy users.


Microsoft Windows

In 1993, Microsoft Windows made its debut. It is computer-based and utilizes the C, C++, and C# programming languages.

  • Features worth noting have a visual desktop environment that enables users to access and use software, apps, and files by clicking on icons even if they have little technical knowledge.
  • Windows is a decent choice for home PC users due to its user-friendliness. Windows is the preferred option for small companies and enterprises due to its software selection, cloud compatibility, special editions, and regular security updates.


Mac OS

Despite being the primary Windows substitute, macOS is older than Windows. The latest Unix-based version, macOS, was introduced in 1996, but the “Classic Mac OS” has been around since 1984.

The visual user experience of MacOS versions is comparable to that of Windows, but there are some significant distinctions. The fact that the operating system is only pre-installed on Mac and Apple devices is the most significant. (iOS is the name of Apple’s smartphone operating system.) You cannot run macOS on different computers or use different operating systems on Apple products, though there are some workarounds, such as using a virtual operating system. Because of this incompatibility, computer users frequently have to select between Windows and Mac.


Android OS

Based on Linux and other open-source applications, Android is a mobile operating system. It is for touchscreen gadgets like tablets and cell phones. Although Java is the main programming language for Android’s user interfaces, C and C++ are used for the back end. The Google ecosystem includes the majority of Android smartphones. The system is built to function with Google applications. Programs can be downloaded and used immediately from the Google Play store by users. Android releases one or more new versions annually and receives frequent upgrades.



A singular operating system is not what Linux is. It is a group of connected OS choices built on the Linux kernel architecture. It mostly uses C and associated computer languages, like other operating systems. Being open-source is what makes Linux special. The majority of Linux versions are developed and maintained by developer groups. Although they are open source, installing the operating system on them requires a compatible machine and some technical skills.


Chrome OS

Another Linux-based operating system is Chrome OS. It was created by Google, and its primary user interface is the well-known Chrome online browser. Tools for managing files and playing media are available. The OS’s foundation was Ubuntu, but it has experienced a number of modifications to integrate with other Google and Android products.



The IBM company Red Hat is in charge of the Linux distribution Fedora. This Linux version is free and open source, just like many others. Due to its reputation for innovation and collaboration with various communities of Linux developers to develop fresh solutions, Fedora stands out among a wide range of other choices.