OATH Systems is an Information Technology Company based in Karachi, Pakistan, which understands the need of its Clients and provides exceptional value in return. We are geared to handle the ever-changing technological advancements of the current era with a clear focus in our field of specialty.

We will help you optimize your costs and respond efficiently and resourcefully to your IT needs so that you can put emphasis on your core business activities while relying on our knowledge and insights about the industry specific IT challenges. We cater to all business sizes, whether they are SMEs or large corporations. Our IT solutions are pragmatic, efficient and economical. Our current clientele includes form cargoes, logistics, textile industries, educational institutions, interior, architecture, planning, and project management and construction companies.


Customer Service

We respond to customers quickly, courteously and effectively.

Corporate Responsibility

We seek long-term success for all stakeholders without compromising on ethics or transparency.

Quality Assurance

We make quality a value driver in our work, our products and our interactions.

Individual Dignity

We value the individual, uphold the right to express disagreement, and respect the time and efforts of others. In addition, we nurture fairness, trust and respect.


We impart freedom and the opportunity to excel and to grow; support innovation and well-reasoned risk taking, demanding performance.

Our Key Clients